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  • “I worked with Jessica Carlin in a fabulous Kinstretch class. Joint mobility training is hard work but she made it fun an accessible. Highly recommend!” – Kristin Osborne

  • “I have worked with Jessica for years. Her inter-discipline approach is innovative and effective for short and long term well being.” – David R

  • “Working with Jessica in the past 5 months has literally changed my life. I’ve had a lot of issues (pain, movement limitations) from injuries over the years and since seeing her I’ve gotten back to regular exercise. She is careful, thoughtful, and creative in her approach to rehabilitation, body work, and yoga. She systematically tries to broaden what’s possible in terms of getting your body to move and strengthen, while never pushing you to do exercises that are too far outside what your body can handle safely/comfortably. If you want to get back to healthy and have some pain or chronic injuries/problems and haven’t found someone who can help: see Jessica at The Movement Guild.” – Kevin Stanton