Performance Coaching

Private and Semi-Private Training

The Movement Guild is your one stop shop for rehabilitation, performance, fitness, and mind-body training.  Movement proficiency is a continuum, and we know this needs to continue once rehabilitation ends no matter your end goal may be.

Our experienced performance coaches specialize in pre and post rehabilitation training for performance, fitness, and wellness for all ages. At the Movement Guild, all speak the same language, which ensures a seamless transition from therapy to fitness & sport performance training.  This allows us to create customized programs that expedite results and reduce the risk for future injury.

There are no cookie cutter programs at the Movement Guild. We work with individual limitations and adjust training programs to meet needs of our clients and athletes.

Private Training: $95 per session

Partner Training: $50 per session

Semi-Private Training: $40 per session (3-4 per session)

Youth Performance and Injury Prevention

Youth athletes are not adults and should not be trained as such.  Youth sports has seen a concurrent rise in early single sport specialization and non-contact injuries over the last 20 years.  Unfortunately, the majority of the fitness industry and sport coaches have contributed to this rise by training our youth as adults.

A few sobering facts:

  • Athletes aged 15 to 19 presently account for 56.8 percent of ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction procedures, commonly known as Tommy John surgery (American Journal of Sports Medicine, 2015). This number is expected to continue to rise.

  • Youth female athletes are 6 times more likely suffer an ACL tear than their male counterparts. Youth male non-contact ACL tears have also increased exponentially in the last 20 years (Preventing Non-Contact ACL Injuries: Human Kinetics)
There are many more examples, but the risk of these injuries can be greatly reduced with proper training, recovery, and de-emphasizing sports specialization at a young age.

Brian Lyons has over 19 years’ experience training youth athletes ages 10-18.  He is a Level II Certified Youth Fitness & Speed Specialist with the International Youth Conditioning Association & holds an MS in Sports Performance Training along with other industry certifications.

Private Sport-Specific Evaluation and Team Combines

Objective Data Improves Performance and Reduces Injury Risk

Evaluations & Combines Include:

  • Movement screen & gait analysis using Spark Motion video

  • Vizual Edge vision evaluation

  • BTrackS force plate balance & posture evaluation

  • Peak power measurements on Keiser pneumatic equipment

  • Sport-specific speed, agility, & quickness field tests:

  • Vertical & Broad Jump

  • Pro-Agility Shuttle

  • 10 Yard Sprint

  • Reaction/Quickness

  • Individualized performance training & recovery plan based on results

Evaluations are 90 minutes in length & co-administered by Movement Guild Physical Therapists & Sports Performance Coaches.

Private Evaluations: $250

Team Combines: Call for Pricing (based on number of athletes) 

Please contact for more information and to schedule.