Live Courses and Events

      Join us for one of our movement-based courses. They’re always open to the public and hosted regularly in our state-of-the-art facility, which has plenty of room for didactic lecture and hands-on movement-based experiences. In addition, our founder, Adam, regularly hosts workshops geared towards the movement professional, which can be taken à la carte or as part of a mentorship experience. 

*NOTE: Due to the current health crisis, classes will be available via zoom.

Once you sign up for class, we will send you the registration link so please make sure your email address is correct.

You will need to download the zoom meeting app on either your phone or computer (it’s very simple).

To speed things up, you can also request the registration link directly once you register.

Just email us at

Please use the same email address if you have questions.

See you virtually soon!

Ongoing Series