Bulletproof Running 201

Bulletproof Running 101

With the weather turning, if you’re like me you’re itching to lace up and hit the lake path! It’s the time all Chicagoans have been waiting for: spring (and race season) is finally upon us!!

Training for Power: What’s Missing? Part I

In continuation of Part I of this series, see videos of Brian demonstrating topics of discussion.

Training for Power: What’s Missing? Series Overview

“What I want to touch on in this series are some types of power training we may be overlooking, missing, or implementing incorrectly due to traditional dogma or lack of education…”

Overhead Mobility for CrossFitters and Olympic Weightlifters

“Overhead athletes, like baseball, volleyball, and basketball players, need the ability to comfortably maintain and control motion above shoulder height. If you are a CrossFitter or Olympic Weightlifter, you need to be able to do that in a vertically stacked position and that means you need rock solid mobility to get your arms overhead…”