We think ordinary is boring, and we don’t restrict ourselves with protocols or templates. The Movement Guild is a community of top movement and health professionals that actualize a greater collective intelligence and offer a personalized (instead of one-size-fits-all) experience. We foster a safe and empowering environment that promotes complete individual wellness via physical therapy, massage therapy, active recovery, yoga and movement classes, and private training.

Ethos, Greek for “character”, describes guiding beliefs or ideals that characterize a community or ideology. It can also refer to how music (a type of movement) can influence emotions and behaviors. It’s our expectation that anyone walking into TMG will observe this ethos in each team member.

The ethos of those working at TMG can be summarized by three general characteristics:


Plain and simple – it takes teamwork to make the dream work. Our unique strengths compliment (rather than compete against) each other, and we routinely celebrate individual expertise across all movement, strength, flexibility, and recovery practices. We are energetic, adaptable, nimble thinkers who are capable of improvising and customizing treatment for each individual we see.


We treat people the way we want to be treated and we always provide compassionate attention in order to build trust, which we believe is the building block of any successful relationship. Every Movement Guild experience is focused on meeting your wants and needs while bolstering the mutual trust we create between all of our clients and teammates.


Guilders are lifelong learners, dedicated to the pursuit of both professional and personal knowledge. We are playful seekers that bring positive and uplifting energy, recognizing our part of the whole and having fun doing so. We are excited about working alongside other movement professional who compliment the respective services we provide, and we’re committed to the overall wellness of those we serve.

The Movement Guild Team

Adam Wolf

Founder, Physical Therapist and Massage Therapist


Adam’s professional credentials include Licensure in Physical Therapy (IL) and Massage Therapy (IL) & Fellow of Applied Functional Science (Gray Institute)(09). Some of his certifications include Level III practitioner of Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT)Enhance Running TechnicianFunctional Range Conditioning (FRC) Functional-Neuro-Orthopedic Rehab (FNOR) provider. His professional career spans nearly two decades and includes clinical, management, consulting, education, performance/strength, and conditioning, as well as ownership roles.


Most recently, he is the author of REAL Movement: Perspective on Integrated Motion & Motor Control. His professional interests lie in a deeper understanding of human movement combined with manual medicine while creating innovative therapy and business paradigms that facilitate the growth of his patients and colleagues. Adam regularly presents to fitness and rehabilitation professionals nationally and internationally.


To learn more about Adam, visit his Linked In,  and his Instagram @adamwolfpt 

Erin Schreiber

Physical Therapist


Erin earned her doctorate in physical therapy from Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine in ’07, and since that time has completed her board certification in Orthopedics (OCS) and Fellowship in Applied Functional Science (FAFS) through the Gray Institute most notably.  Other training professionally includes certification in both trigger point and intramuscular dry needling, kinesio and RockTaping, Graston technique, myofascial release, and mobilization with movement.  She has continued to integrate her passion for health and fitness into her continuum of care with physical medicine and rehabilitation, and is a ravenous life-long learner in pursuit of a holistic approach to rehab that addresses not only the musculoskeletal but the central nervous system as well.  What makes her tick is helping her clients achieve their goals, and sharing with them a better understanding of the factors contributing to the Root cause of their issue and how to train more intelligently (not limited to self-care strategies, strength training, lifestyle etc) to avoid similar issues down the line.


She has been proud to volunteer with the Chicago Marathon, Shamrock Shuffle, Chicago Triathalon, and AVP tournament as a sports medicine provider over the course of her career, and loves to spend time with her three small children, run, train at Atlas CrossFit and Performance, and practice vinyasa yoga regularly to keep her body and mind happy and healthy.


To learn more about Erin, follow her on Instagram @muscleandflowphysio

Brian Lyons

Personal Trainer, MS, CSCS, NSCA-CPT

Brian has over 18 years industry experience as a coach, industry educator, fitness director & high school strength and conditioning coach. He specializes in sports performance training for youth and adult athletes along with post rehabilitation training for those looking to move better and feel better.

Brian holds an MS in Applied Exercise Science & Sport Performance Training. Industry certifications include NSCA, EXOS, NSPA, IYCA, PTA Global, NASM, and Gray Institute.

Brian also serves on the Training & Education Advisory Board for Power Plate North America and previously was teaching faculty for PTA Global and Technogym USA. He is married to his wife Kathryn and lives in Chicago with their two daughters, Kierstin & Kassidy.

To learn more about Brian, visit his Instagram @brianlyons82

Jessica Carlin

Manager, Massage Therapist, and Yoga Teacher

Jessica is a licensed massage therapist (IL) and registered yoga teacher. She holds certifications in integrative movement systems, functional range conditioning, kinstretch, and fascial movement taping. She has managed a yoga studio, created and led teacher training programs, and most recently authored a continued education series for yoga teachers that focuses on movement education rather than conventional anatomy. She views herself as an educator for her clients and fellow teachers.

Her focus at REAL pt and The Movement Guild is on individualized client sessions and group classes. Jessica teaches yoga and kinstretch which is a mobility and joint training class. She also oversees community development and outreach initiatives, ensuring alignment between REAL pt’s vision and execution.

Jessica grew up bilingually in Germany and moved to the U.S. in her early 20’s. She graduated from UT Austin with a BA in Radio-Television-Film. She worked as an international news producer and broadcast operations manager before switching careers to focus on yoga and movement.

Contact Jessica for massage or yoga sessions: Jessica@realmovementpt.com
For more on Jessica, visit her Instagram @jessicacarlinlearning

Zoe Lindner

Community Outreach Coordinator & Patient Services

Team Member Bio Coming Soon!

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